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How to Keep Your Dogs Safe

By Simon Knoblauch August 17, 2020 0 comments

Okay, we all want to keep our loving dogs safe. The first step would be learning the major risks so that we can avoid them.


Toxins Precautions

Take precautions and pet proof your home.


Preventing Dog Fights

Dogs get into fights for a variety of reasons. Redirected aggression is common among dogs that are normally friendly or live together. For example, in a fenced yard when the aggressor can't reach a dog on the other side but can reach its canine family member. Avoid putting your dog in situations where fights can happen. For instance, if you notice two dogs becoming overly aroused or showing signs of aggression during play, it's time to intervene.


Summer Safety

Keep your dogs cool. Remember to fill that water dish and keep it full. Don’t shave your pet, it can result in sunburn and bug bites. keep the walks shorter during the hotter times of day. Don’t let your pet linger on hot pavement or asphalt – that can lead to burns on the pads of paws.


Wellness Exams

A Wellness Exam can help ensure your dog’s health and detect any disease states at an early age where they are often more treatable. It’s an overall health assessment for your dogs  that includes a thorough physical exam, a discussion of behavior, diet, nutrition and a risk assessment to determine needed vaccinations and prevention medications. It may also include screening for parasites, blood tests and a urinalysis. Plan to get the wellness exam done for your dog annually. Learn the tips for a smooth vet visit              


Water Safety

Remember, not all dogs are great swimmers. If your dog does not like the water, don't make him go in. It could scare him and won't be fun for him at all When swimming with your dog, don't let your him swim too far away from you, because he could get into trouble quickly. If you're out in a boat or raft, your dog should have a life preserver on. Check out our dog products including the foldable swimming pools to have your dogs play safely in water.


Safe Driving for Your Dogs

Air bags can crush pets in the front seat even if they’re inside a carrier. The best place for your dog to ride is the back seat. Small dogs are best protected when inside a pet carrier. For large dogs that don’t fit inside carriers, canine seat belts that attach to the dog’s harness are very helpful. Dogs love sticking their heads out the window, but window open too far tempts dogs to leap out. Wind can throw sand or other foreign matter into canine ears and eyes. Keep dog’s heads inside the car to prevent injury.

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